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Welcome to Linda's Loving Spaces

Welcome to Loving Spaces and thanks for visiting my website!  Let me introduce myself--my name is Linda Kemp and I currently reside in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago.  I have had the privilege of living in eight major cities across the United States. I am originally from the East Coast (Hoboken, New Jersey to be exact.  No--I have never met Frank Sinatra, Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen)!  I raised two beautiful daughters here in Chicagoland and have made Illinois my home since 1994.

I am passionate about helping people.  As a Rotarian I enjoy getting involved in community outreach and giving back where I have built my business.  As I move more aggressively into using the principles of Feng Shui and Home/Office Staging , I find that the most important part of the business aspect of my life is making people happy. During the past few years, I have also focused my practice on Spiritual Coaching.

My Philosophy

In today's fast-paced society it is important to have a safe, comfortable and supportive environment to wake up in and return to each day to re-charge our minds and bodies.

It doesn't matter if you live in small studio apartment or a luxurious 5,000 square foot home--as long as you feel a sense of belonging.  Your home should wrap its arms around you and support your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Our Story

My  Story

Let’s have a conversation about that. I have always been clairvoyant and intuitive. Even as a child I had experienced many things that could not be explained by conventional wisdom. Ten years ago, I began to take on clients who were looking to connect with those who have made their transition from earth. Most people would refer to me as a medium, intuitive, or psychic. I soon began to tap into their blockages both emotional and physical related to past life events. You can sum up my current practice as looking at the whole person and their environment and helping them enjoy a life which gives them the tools to help them move into their highest and best life.

I have had the privilege to live in nine major cities across the United States before making my home here the  Chicagoland area where I now reside.  My background in marketing gave  me the opportunities to form relationships with people of all ethnicities.  I learned to embrace and understand the diversities within different cultures that make all of us unique.

Everything in my life came together when I decided to combine my love of decorating and staging with my interest in Feng Shui and Spiritual Coaching. I now share my gifts and talents with clients who seek a home environment that supports all of their needs--both physically and emotionally.  We all deserve peace and tranquility in our lives.  What better way to start the process of creating health then with both your home environment and/or Spiritual Coaching? It is always my pleasure to help you move forward in life!


Staging Professional

BTB Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Spiritual Coach, Medium, Psychic, Intuitive, Past Life Therapy and Energy Work

How Do I Get Started?

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Whether you choose Spiritual Coaching, Home/Office Staging or a Feng Shui Consultation I am here to help you move into your authentic self!