Can Past Lives Offer us Guidance in this Life?

This blog and its subject matter have been a long time coming, however, I feel that given what we are experiencing across the planet at the moment, the timing is perfect! “When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.”

Most of my website up until recently had been dedicated to Staging and the principles of Feng Shui. That is still very much a part of my practice, however, most of clients are searching for something much deeper. As a medium, psychic, and intuitive my practice has evolved into what I call, “Spiritual Coaching.”  There are many gifted mediums out there who connect individuals to  family and friends who have passed over to the other side. This type of practice and connection has helped so many people connect or a means to embrace closure. My work is a bit different and unique. I help people navigate through illnesses or blocks in their present lives where they where they are feeling stuck. Family, friends, angels, and spirit guides often come through with a message or a visual of a past life event that has prevented them from moving forward in this life.

It is my belief that we enter this life with memories of our past lives attached to our DNA. These memories or ancestral trauma hold sickness or blockages that prevent us from reaching our goals and experiencing good health. This cell memory can also be a benefit to us. This explains why some people change careers in midstream and give up successful jobs to pursue something that had been kept hidden deep within their hearts.

For example, I was in a session with an individual whom I had never met prior to our appointed time. I had already explained to this individual how I worked with clients, and he was open to whatever was about to come through. As I sat there, I immediately saw in my mind’s eye this man leading a long line of warriors up a steep mountain slop. The setting appeared to be somewhat Egyptian in nature. I could feel the man’s enormous responsibility and how it was wearing on him. I could sense that he was more dedicated to his men than to his own life and pursuits.

When I explained this to the gentleman sitting in front of me, he smiled. I asked him if he had job where he was responsible for many workers or teams. I could feel the conflict he was experiencing. And indeed, he was! He had a very high-pressure position and was responsible for many teams across the United States. It was no longer challenging, and it was starting to drain him of his happiness. He shared that he had a beautiful family and wanted to spend more time with them. A few other things came through and when the session was over, he thanked me for helping him understand that his past life responsibilities were holding him back in this life. It was now time to break the cycle.

This is just one simple example of how my practice has evolved over the years. I never know when a session begins where the journey will take both my client and me. I can tell you that once a door is opened and a past life revealed a flood of healing energy comes pouring through. Through these sessions not only my client receives healing energies, but I am lifted as well! Thank you Universe!