Here are just a few Q & A topics that will be helpful in making an informed decision.

Will staging my home cost a lot of money?

By using the furniture and accessories that you already have we cut down on outside spending.  We actually go shopping in your closets, basements and garages!  Paint is another cost-effective way to make small changes appear BIG!  Thinking outside the box is another trick that helps create unique pieces.  It involves re-purposing items and using them in a different way.

Feng Shui sounds like some type of woo woo magic!

LOL!  This is one question I love to address.  Physics teaches us that everything in the Universe is made up of energy.  By following the basic elements of Feng Shui, we can re-direct the natural flow of this energy or chi in a more positive direction.  Just like stuck energy in the body can cause illness stuck energy in the home can feel constricting and cause you to feel uneasy.  We can move freely and engage all of our senses when the space is clear and the energy is flowing.

I have so much stuff can I store it in the basement?

Ugh!  Before we begin to stage or use the principles of Feng Shui in your home you must commit to decluttering!  Take a close look at what you intend to accomplish in your home.  Staging your home around clutter is like putting ice cream on top of poop!  For your highest and best outcome weeding through unwanted stuff can make you physically feel lighter.  Your home benefits and so do you!